TB-500 (Thymosin Beta 4) is a synthetic derivative of thymosin beta 4/TB4 (44 amino acids) contained in all human and animal cells. TB-500 promotes accelerated healing of wounds and traumas and provides multidirectional protective action. According to recent studies, TB-500 provides certain impact on athletic performance. For the first time thymosin beta 4 was derived from thymus extract. It is used in medical practice to accelerate healing of wounds, to recover myocardium after infarction and to treat ischemic conditions.


Accelerated Rehabilitation of Muscles (Including Cardiac Muscle), Ligaments, Joints and Skin.
Anti-Inflammatory Action.
Angiogenesis (New Blood Vessels Form in Muscles to Improve their Nutrition).
Nervous System Protection and Recovery.
Luteinizing Hormone Secretion Promotion Resulting in Testosterone Secretion.
Increased Tissue Insulin Sensitivity.
Improved Joint Mobility.