MK677 Capsules (High Dose, Best Seller)


This has quickly become my top choice. The MK677 Capsules from our lab is made to help your body increase its own growth hormone production naturally. It works a lot like real injectable HGH but it’s 100% legal and much more affordable. Women can use it safely too. You can run cycles of MK677 for as long as you want. There’s no need to go on and off – you’ll keep reaping the benefits with ongoing use. I recommend taking 44mg (2 caps) daily right before bed.

Key Benefits of MK677 Capsules

Muscle and Bone Growth: Human studies have demonstrated that MK677 can significantly increase muscle mass and bone mineral density. With a daily dose of just 25mg, you can experience remarkable results. 44mg is where the magic happens

IGF-1 Boost: Elevate your IGF-1 levels by up to 60% in as little as 6 weeks. For even greater gains, a 72% increase in IGF-1 levels can be achieved after 12 months of consistent use.

No PCT Needed: MK677 is non-hormonal, eliminating the need for post-cycle therapy. Enjoy the gains without the hassle.

How to Use MK677 Capsules

For optimal results, we recommend a minimum 3-month cycle with dosage gradually increasing each month. Take 44mg per day, preferably right before bedtime. You’ll likely notice a deeper, more restful sleep almost immediately. Don’t be alarmed if you experience numb or tingly hands; this is a common side effect attributed to the increased growth hormone in your system.

Possible Side Effects

1) Increased Hunger:
2) Lethargy:
3) Impaired Insulin Sensitivity:
4) Water Retention:

MK677 Capsules Half-Life

The half-life of MK677 is approximately 24 hours, allowing for once-daily dosing. You can choose to take it in the morning or at night, depending on your preferences and how it affects your energy levels.

Unleash your full potential and elevate your fitness journey with MK677 Capsules. Experience the power of growth hormone elevation safely and effectively. Order today for just $89.99 and embark on your path to achieving your fitness goals.

All products are strictly for research purposes only and are not for human consumption

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